To All the Rugby Union International Coaches, please! Do you exercise some decorum? Fair-play? and how about plain good manners? NOP, NONE OF THAT!



The first big difference I see here is… I try to protect and defend Rugby Union from extinction, (not its disoriented glyptodonts). I barrack for The Sport and The Entertainment yes, BUT Not the Business and behaviour that goes with it. And…by the way, I am not (and I was not ‘contracted’ by no one. I always belonged to my own payroll-

Mr Erasmus…

# Please return to sanity, and

# Apologise to the Rugby World and World Rugby also (Your actions are bringing rugby union into disrepute.

# Give yourself an uppercut, get off the stage and allow others to have a turn.

Wake up silly old Saffa!



“A BIG POINT ABOUT FAIRNESS” (this quality used to be a great personal trait to be ‘fair’ no matter what position you held in the Rugby Supply Chain)

This time I will make it very short and simple so young players, senior players, Older Wallabies, commentators ‘get-it’.

  1. The referees are operating under instructions from their peers and the Board of World Rugby! Any other option will be plain ‘insanity’
  2. First true problem: The Law and it colloquial language are NON-SPECIFIC and INADEQUATE!
  3. In ‘my book’ written in 50 years, a TACKLE must be done: A) with two arms out first; B) tackler’s head is the second point of contact with the ball carrier; C) the shoulders may or may not make contact with the ball carrier; D) No Ball = NO tackle; E) a fair and legal TACKLE must be done ONLY under the arm pits, to the ankles high; F) any other actions (a la M. Koroibete and other hundreds of players globally is an ILLEGAL SHOULDER CHARGE.

Here comes the question of ‘fairness’ to Law & Sciences. The player who is suspected to be hurt, must be taken off for at least 7-10 days observation, whether or not, that is considered a Thespian act. We need to be respectful and thankful to the sciences! –

# Can you imagine the COVID-19 without vaccines?

# Can you imagine not having Ibupofren before and//or after a physical activity?

# Can you imagine your son experiencing DEMENTIA, DEPRESSION (Suicide in some common cases is round-the-corner)?

# What about you? Having dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s’ in your mid-fifties?

# How about being quadriplegic or hemiplegic (it comes with the territory becaise your next is next to your head, the spine gets compromised FIRST) from 30 something onwards? Do you have enough Superannuation?


Furthermore, a lot of women play rugby today, and most of them want to play men-like. What a great example for those prospective mums to follow. In tennis at Wimbledon women play best of three, why? Go you figure (BTW, it is not about the prize money…

Shall I continue? Fellow men and women, lovers of rugby or just weekend-voyeurs, we all must evolve with the times. Professional (paid) rugby has brought an intensity in preparation which defies The Laws, The Participants and The Sciences. In the last 26 years players have grown or ‘increased’ size, weight, speed, power close to 25%. Speed + Body Mass (from both sides, increase all risks of haematomas, broken bones (including the spine), etc.

Professional Sports by the hand of TV, social media, sponsors JVC partners, and spectators are using athletes NAPPY-LIKE. Use and when they ‘smelly’ or older discard it! – Is this fair to you?

Administrators have the Budgeted Projections on the likely ‘Revenue & Expenses’ (Profit & Loss). They most of the time get informed by fiancial controllers, insurance comanies and Lawyers about the court cases against them progressing and an estimate of legal costs and… COMOENSATION PAY OUTS. Ask Mr V’landys, Sir Beaumont, Mr Gilpin, and any lead of any sport?

Then, you may (if a bit of common sense prevails) understand it. And for the pundits, start being positive supporting of these preventative actions already instituted (and more to come). Having a microphone or a TV camera up your mouth doesn’t mean you have to throw grenades to all and sundry. Support The Game – The Show – The Business that pays you handsomely, even though you have no qualifications to talk about most of the subjects, you choose to talk about!

If you want me to do a longer dissertation, I could very easily start talking about ‘Life after TBI, “Presence or absence of TAU”, GLIA, ADN, COMORBIDITY, ASTROCYTES, MYELIN, or OLIGDENDROCYTES.

Thanks for reading this far and please promise you will revise your own “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, and entertainment expectations. We need to do a lot of work in AUDITING and MODERNISING rugby up to 2021-2031. This must be done in a harmonised scrum-like formation All pushing – None pulling!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Wallaby Captain 1987, Founder and Convener ISSF (, Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre Certificate on TBI (University of Tasmania (July 2021).

(And a very concerned ex-rugby international (1971-1992)

The ERC Group FZCO (Dubai) has incorporated the OMCPL.ORG to our list of clients = The 6th World (Virtual) Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms will be held in Aragon, Spain (20-22 October 2021).


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Should you have any queries and/or interest in participating? Please drop me a line at or by phone/WhatsApp at +61412 403304.

I do look forward to working with you, for the Global Economic Development through Fair Logistics Platforms.

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

# Executive Chairman, The ERC Group FZCO (Dubai Silicon Oasis) UAE.

# Head of Marketing, OMCPL, (Oceania and Persian Gulf)

PO Box 4131 Carlton NSW 2218 Australia [Sydney 21/07/2021]


OMCPL – Organización Mundial de Ciudades y Plataformas Logísticas

OMCPL.ORGOMCPL – Organización Mundial de

The WDREC (Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre), University of Tasmania. Understanding TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] Certificate, Diploma or Masters’ Degree are available to you also… !

A major milestone for me. I have attained the ‘Understanding TBI’ Certificate, on 16th July 2021 (see copy enclosed below). After two months full-on reading and researching this enormous subject around the sequels of concussion, sometimes on-set of dementia, followed by an incidence of chronic depression, which not uncommon these days in many sports, and not just contact sports alone. Any sport played on hard surfaces, and/or with a hard elements such as bat and ball it has inherent related risks of concussion. In some cases this degeneration process may lead to suicide. Furthermore this degenerative process, may or may not have started as an infant or toddler after a simple fall from a tree, a car accident, a fall from the pram, or running onto home furniture I have seen this, not pretty.

This certificate will be very useful to me as the kick off, the beginning of my journey into this fascinating area of neuropathology, neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, brain injury prevention and treatment, as well as several other quite interesting topics.

Understanding TBI

We are fully aware that this information and the relevant expertise are desperately needed by the sporting community, to make up to date well informed decisions in regards to ‘loved ones’ affected by this sinister illness. So much we know, and so much we need to learn. the secrets of the mind are a never ending labyrinth. Please remember that supporting the family and friends is just as vital to succeed in the management of those suffering from TBI.

There is plenty of room for collaboration and cooperation, a harmonised approach amongst stakeholders is a must in a variety of inter and intra-disciplinary initiatives. This is a quote partly borrowed from Ms Alexandra Veuthey, PhD in Law, [Libra Law] Lausanne Switzerland Alexandra Veuthey – Libra Law (

Anyhow, here I am to learn every day, every minute and every second. And to apply it through the ISSF ( for the improvement of humankind.

I look forward to my next course, and the next after that… I hereby invite you to visit the WDREC website and peruse through the many courses available, one of them might be you ‘perfect fit’? Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre | Study Now | UTAS

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Sydney 19/07/2021

RUGBY UNION 2021 – The Billion Euros question: Tackle or… Shoulder Charge?

Background: Wallaby Marika Koroibete was sent-off, 5 minutes into the test-match Australia vs France at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane on Saturday 17th July 2021 – Doubts, dilemmas, confusions, myths, ignorance, lack of proper education, moral obligations, sports ethical values, conflicts of interest, and other bits have coloured the sporting news…

So much ire and anger were generated when that whistle was blown (just once). Of course, the referee’s decision went against your beloved team, your country, the one you will defend with your life, fair enough. In this case the public and some ‘experts’ were incensed, were calling for blue murder (or murder the Blues). Australian rugby public, may I add ‘starved’ of regular decent winning… wants blood, the oppositions or the referee’s… or even the Red Cross’ Blood Bank.

Let us take a few minutes to look and examine this incident from another angle or perspective, 360 degrees holistically and pluralistically. Let us start with an ounce of empathy, shall we? The referee is professionally prepared and selected by experts to take charge of this match (and under precise instructions also). Are you a current referee? Or a former referee? Do not think so. The fellow in the middle, with the whistle (whether male or female) is The Designated Best on The Day. So, why do you feel (not think), just momentarily you feel angry, hardly done by, cheated, robbed? Do the opposition have to pay for your unlimited desire to Win? Do you want to win at all costs? Does the life and livelihood of the adversary have a price or does not? Aren’t you, your teammates and the other 15, in it together + the Ref?

Should you be unaware or unable to understand the reasoning behind ‘heads protection’ policies and protocols, I may throw a bit of light into this already murky and complex subject. These scientific interventions are due to the possibility of developing the dreaded on-set-dementia, followed almost certain by chronic depression and in some cases unsurprisingly suicide.  

Athlete’s Healthcare and Wellbeing are a need and an obligation from the powers to be, the administrators, and the Lawmakers in any sporting activity. E.g. Boxing in the last 100 years associated with the “dementia pugilistica”. In more recent years Muay Thai, full-contact karate supposedly allows for some ‘defence’ and ‘avoidance’, bur when you become groggy there is no defence. In rugby union one of the big problems comes from the insidious ‘shoulder charge’, which wittingly or unwittingly creates a higher risk of affecting the brain and spine. Paradoxically, a severance of your spine results in almost immediate quadriplegia or hemiplegia. Whereas in dementia, the deterioration (on set) may take 5, 10, or 20 years to show clear outside evidence. Conversely, the alteration of chemistry, functionality and affected behavioural patterns could start on Day 1, in the CT Scan room, or even the moment you were knocked at the head.

What is my point? There is no point here, just the Duty of Care of a professional sports administration. Individual athlete’s health is and must always be priority. If you go and read World Rugby’s website, or Rugby Australia site, and they also teach in Coaching Courses that The Focus/Mantra is SAFETY FIRST. This must be written in your employment contract (Occupational Health & Safety) , for all stakeholders to abide and respect. Or go and talk to a doctor worth its salt, or an exert scientist? – They will tell you what happens with your brain when your skull is hit (once or multiple time?). This damage can be irreparable, particularly when is not attended to properly and professionally. Quite the opposite to “She’ll be right mate a couple of days rest, and you’ll be Good as Gold”

Now, let us go to another ‘angle’. The Law Makers and the Law Enforcers. From my experiential knowledge, empiric results and scientific approach (I arrived at these views and conclusions after 50 years breathing rugby preparation and prevention. In an extreme case (as currently we have class-action proceedings with hundreds of ex-players demanding compensation because a previous non-existent ‘Duty of Care’. Today’s rugby referees are under precise instructions from their ‘employers, they are exercising that Duty of Care with contemporaneous information (obtained through the damages caused by the many different sports (contact or non-contact either), statistics amongst them incidence of depression, suicide, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. So, it appears you are damn if you do, damn if you do not. Do you keep up with the news about several billion-dollar court cases currently on-the-boil? E.g., Australian Football, American Football, rugby Union and Rugby League, Football Soccer, Cricket, and even volleyball had some severe cases of Traumatic Brain Injury, it also happens in Basketball. Is your anger a sort of personal hurt ego-trips like? Have you gambled some money?

A metaphoric comparison, today after almost every case of medical mal practice, soon enough comes the writ, and if you did not have Professional Indemnity insurance is place, YOU ARE GONE. And again, who is responsible for the Game, the Show, the Business, and the after-the-stage life consequences of those loyal participants? – As I briefly mentioned above, what about the Occupational Health & Safety policies and practices?

Now, if I may, I volunteer as ‘one case’ for observation.  In 21 years, I was never paid, thus could not possibly accumulate money for retirement! – Today I have a few ‘bits’ replaced in my body (titanium knees, and others worn, but not worn out yet) as well as brain and mind under ‘mental health management’ strategies, etc. But never-ever have I passed the responsibility for my own actions or inactions, not even to my psychiatrist! – The Big ‘R’ is mine!

Furthermore, I think this pandemic World 2021, is getting people desperate to get activities, events and sports back in their agenda. Sports the great therapy/outlet for the punters and followers, it should not be confused with a potential free for all bloodbaths done by others onto others? Thus, while us ‘the Spectators’ enjoy the distribution of pain throughout. I feel and think, we all (from the top to bottom and vice versa) need to start taking more responsibility for those unnecessary risks of what we do in life. Why? Because Prevention is the best form of Protection; and better, smarter and a lot more economical than not! – One last silly question, would you try to protect your son and/or daughter from many risks of life? Let us all, PREVENT EVERYTHING IT IS PREVENTABLE!

World Rugby needs to go back to the drawing board, hire Professional Law Makers and dissect the problem. I would say:

  • TACKLING TECHNIQUE: Tackle must always below the arm pits and the tackler with both arms closing in contact. [then by definition, a shoulder hit/charge is not a tackle]
  • PARTICIANTS ATTITUDE: Must be absolutely 100% positive (Safety First).
  • In a legal and fair tackle, the risk of accidental injury must be shared by both, ball carrier and tackler. Leading with the shoulder does not.
  • Anatomically, the head has a potentially weak hinge and position, subject to wobble or rocking whiplash movements. But the shoulder doesn’t have this ‘weakness’
  • The point of shoulder impact carries at least 80% of the body weight augmented by the speed and acceleration of the charging player.

A separate section, I feel must be dedicated to the delicate and almost imperceptible notion and action of INTENT by the 31 individuals on the field (and reserves also). Coaches from their ‘bunker’ or grandstand ‘box’ could have a very detrimental influence in the equation. Succinctly put, do we have responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof?  

  1. I would define ‘good’ intent, the commitment to protect human beings (regardless of the sport, level of competition, paid or non-paid, etc. To me is more of a ‘common sensical’ approach. And not so much an imposition by the Law Book and the referee.
  2. How about extending The Rule of Law? “First, do no harm” or from the Latin, “primum non nocere” (from the original Greek), an off the rules, a professional mental disposition to accept and abide to the rules.
  3. Good intent is then about the preservation of all athletes’ health, and wellbeing, above all else (henceforth the ‘Safety First’ concept)
  4. Athletes, in this case rugby players do not sign a professional contact with the proviso of spilling blood, injuring the brain or spine, do they?
  5. After all, the 31 individuals on the field (and others) have families and friends, they need each other to play the game, play with their children or siblings, and their source of employment should not be put at risk, no matter what.
  6. Good intent is about ‘conviviality’ on and off the field, during the 80 minutes within the Laws, I will do my best to score more points than the opposition by playing, not by eliminating the opposition like ‘snippers’ do.
  7. I therefore define BAD Intent, all the opposite of the above expressed, starting from carelessness, gamesmanship, no fair play, intent to maim, etc.
  8. So, the MUST DO THING TO DO, starting at training is to lower the body, put yourself in a horizontal position, if you may; and tackle full on with both arms under the armpits. Leave the head alone!  

Thank you for reading, look forward to your reflection and contributions. I do not want to be right again! – I want to see some responsible action from the sports administrators, TV and media, insurance brokers. Sponsors why not? I saw yesterday in TV lots of alcohol and betting advertising, would you recommend tis to your kids? – So, order and discipline start from the top. This reminds me of one of my favourite quips, ‘the fish rots from the head down’.



Sports are ever so slowly adapting to a new reality, and so should you. Remember when not so long ago we used to have landline phones? Still a few around? Well, they are rapidly disappearing. Thus, senseless aggression fellas… change or peril!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

  • Wallaby Captain (1987) – Argentine Provinces Captain 1982 – Barbarians FC Captain (1991)
  • Founder and Convener, International Sports Sciences Forum (
  • Executive Chairman, WELLBEING LEADERSHIP & SPORT Pty Ltd
  • Mental Health Management Plans & Strategies | Psychology, National University of Cordoba + Back Dog Institute + BIPOLAR Education Foundation
  • Spinal & Neck Injuries Prevention | Scrummaging Technique and Preparation
  • Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) | Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre Certificate, July 2021 (University of Tasmania).