To: My Dear Friend Nicholas Campbell Farr-Jones, fellow ex Wallabies Phil Kearns, Phil Waugh, and Church of England Stalwart Mr Hamish Mc Lennan. And CCIS (Chief Controller of Inner Sanctums) Mr Andy Marinos.

This new initiative/thought needs to be clapped and saluted. This new-yet-old in the backburner ‘solution’ proposed by your TEAM SAVE RUGBY AUSTRALIA (a big mea-culpa) on behalf of previous Directors.

I feel compelled to clarify from the outset, an ALTERNATIVE view is, this enormous yet erroneous vision will sink us into an endemic mismanagement by the ‘haves’ in detriment of the ‘have-nots’. Funded by the public. This definitely is not the view of Australian Rugby People? THE Clubs!!! – In fact, it may be said… this is just another Aristocratic-Un-Australian well-intended gimmick!

I have known Australian Rugby for 37 years, from the grounds of Warringah RC to the inner-sanctum of Rugby Place, St Leonards and nowadays the opulent Moore Park. Have met and worked ‘with’ great Administrators and Delegates such as Sir Nicholas Shehadie, AC OBE – Mr John Freedman – Dr Roger Vanderfield – Mr John Dedrick – Mr Bruce Hayman – Mr David Clarke – Mr Dick Marks – Prof John Yeo (Spinal Specialist, Royal North Shore Hospital) – And many notable selfless Citizens of good!

Back in 1984 (Grand Slam of UK & Ireland) and two years later the bloody Bledisloe Cup in NZ (yes, you need to give blood to get it), ahhh those winning days? Furthermore, two RWC’s to add (1991 and 1999) under our belt and in our trophy room! (The Castle), a little something I always called “THE GOLDEN YEARS OF AUSTRALIAN RUGBY” built on human effort, teamwork and good will, of at least 25 years, a united country (Scrum-Like) and now… let me get into the ‘Leading personnel’, the Brains of today… shall we?

In that phenomenal year of success, 1984, Mr Nick F-J, from Newington College (2nd XV), you were 22 yo then – Mr Phil Waugh (Shore Old Boy), one of the ball boys at Warringah RC (5 years old) – Phil Kearns (Newington College, 2nd XV, (17 yo) – Hamish McLennan (Shore Old Boy), today Advertising Man Extraordinaire (18 yo).

Nick, you and your ‘mates’ want to buy global success with Joint Venture Capital?

Your management team want to buy the holding rights for the 2027 RWC?

Did you ALL, know Australian Rugby, actually Rugby Australia is bankrupt?

Did you know that RA today is functioning thanks to a 16.000.000 pounds (or Euros?) lent by World Rugby?

So, now the greatest idea coming from advertising, apart from selling the RWC smoke is… to become even more top-heavy administration? – More incestuous? – More Nepotistic?


More wisdom of dear Shore friends Michael Hawker and Bill Pulver?

No offense given; no offense taken!

No mate, first thing you need to do is, to convert all RA Staff to Spartan-like Life for 3-5c years. As MP Scott Morrison often says “We’re in it together” (???)

1) Relocate the opulent offices of RA to working buzzy Greater Western Sydney (talk to Stuart Eyers MP, to facilitate some Government premises (FOC) free of charge for 10 years;

2) Staff to travel by train, or bus (nothing wrong with public transport) you do, don’t you? Plenty of savings in petrol, tolls and parking!!!

3) Hire local talent, from University of Western Sydney and The Kings School;

4) Swap the largesse of five-star hotels to the Parramatta Park Royal Hotel (No, I have no kickbacks from them!);

5) Stop changing the playing jumper (and whole kit) every 12 months! (This irritates me more than anything else) because this is another money-spinner using National Pride by deception. SAVE-SAVE-SAVE (like Ausie John Symmonds and Gerry Harvey). This is what you guys need to do is, replace your flamboyant style executives for more ‘accountants’ like employees at HQ. Professionals who care about SOMEBODY ELSE’S MONEY. We the public are the true Stakeholders of rugby, stop playing with our ‘chips’ as if you were in the ASX or even Crown Casino. You guys are gambling with our future…

One last point Nick & Co, RA should change its name (just like the jumper) to ANR (Australian National Rugby). Convert the Wallabies and every other department in Cost Centres, also the States. Build a conscience and philosophy of responsibility throughout. Look after the grassroots!!! (With words and with money)

When you do this, WE THE PLAYNG PUBLIC WILL LOVE YOU… no hard feelings, fancy a pig’s ear HH?


Philanthropist, Impresario, Scrum-Muster | Executive Chairman, The ERC Group

Founder & General Convener, ISSF (

Sydney 05/10/2021

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