WORLD RUGBY 2021 – IS THE GLOBAL SPORT operating by 6 min. billing intervals? Or by 6-18 months creative streaks! No answers, but more questions for the top Dogs, and you also!

My son Enrique Ignacio Rodriguez, also known as Iggy, Nacho, Narz, etc. is and has been a GUN creative copywriter for top multi-national global advertising companies. My daughter a Top-Top Senior Graphic designer, equally part of big payrolls.

They know me enough, not 100% though. However, when they see me going into complex problem analysing and solving, they on the quiet remind me of the old universal ADVERTISING MANTRA! “Less is more”.

Now, I wonder why is it that top rugby administrators from World Rugby, Australian Rugby, Argentine rugby, etc. most of the top-Dogs have cut their sharp teeth in top-top advertising world? Or

Are people who have graduated from the reputable Business Management Schools, adjacent to the even bigger and more reputable aristocratic establishment fed universities? Or

Former Bwankers also are the preferred choice of the GPS’ and other Private Schools supported Directors?

Now, following the mantra… “Less is more”, it is obvious that rugby union has made a true meal (top Dog’s breakfast for top Dogs) since 1995, when the payroll opened for players and coaches, and hangers on.

Nowadays, we get to see, at least 55.8% (just made it up) of the top Directors in Sport, and rugby union filled out with people than have not the faintest idea of What Rugby is about? The intricate nuances and philosophies behind a well rafted sport? So on and so forth.

So, what is my point here? Well, I am not completely sure, but I have been smelling for 26 long years that:

  1. Rugby continues complicating the solution to ‘structural’ problems by taking between 18-24 months of ‘Studies’ to produce a ‘Law trial’, and by the time that these new ‘interpretations’ are accepted, validated, stamped, and delivered? Another ten problems have surfaced up. NOT VERY EFFICIENT
  2. Managing the ‘Impressions’ and ‘Perceptions’ (these types have always been terrific at these two extracurricular ‘requirements’
  3. From the old IRB to WR of today, rugby union always has dragged its tail, with a ponderous approach to ‘change’, they continue addressing SYMPTOMS because… they are clueless about the origins, the true philosophy, and principles of the game
  4. Today 2021, we have the WR boffins, and the ‘thinkers’ of at least another 8 countries providing advice, recommendations, suggestions on the Laws and Hoe Rugby ought to be played. From starters, this avenue will be at best inconsistent, and at worst a hybrid with no spine (a snake that as soon it gets a chance will bite them
  5. We also have the generous contribution of TV, streaming and sponsors telling them HOW TO, WHEN TO, etc. etc. Wait there is more…
  6. The new Boyz and Girlz in the block, the successful Joint Venture Capitalists already telling them HOW MUCH (ROI) THEY WANT FOR THE ‘GENEROUS’ BACKING? – I gather healthy business with mega wealthy returns. And this solution will be ‘short and sweet’ because after five years they move to the next blood bank…
  7. Any French fries with that?

To the loyal supporters and following spectators… We are for grim years, obstinate and righteous businesspeople, in the corridors of power will make the game dwindle, it will become and elite sport with may be one SUPER SYDNEY RC in Sydney, playing with the SUPER LONDON RC and the SUPER WELLINGTON RC and SUPER JOHANNESBURG RC, in the majestic ALL NATIONS RUGGER BUGGER CHAMPIONSHIPS, backed by ESPN, Disney Corp, BBC, NEWS Ltd, Silver Lake, HSBC, etc. (Cadburys? or Heineken?). And we will go to meet with our mates at the Robby Dub-Dub for a few Wally Gooner’s – It will cost us a few Oxford Scholars, but life will be Hunky Dory, we will celebrate playing with Yanks, Kiwis, Saffas, Wogs, and Ruskies. Those of less endowed ethnicity and DNA, will be just as happy to participate by offering odds, taking bets, etc. cleaning out the bookies and punters. And the kids will have ‘custom-made’ video games where they will be able to select their own team attire colours, they may select the referee (or Umpire from the IPL). Even modify the Laws & Rules according to their sexual preferences and temperament. Rugby Union is and will be an open, fair, accommodating sport that really thinks globally encouraging global participation. C’est la vie Mon Amis. A bientot, Namaste!


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