Would the ERASMUS-GATE… become the ISRAEL FOLAU Saga Mark II…

THE RASSIE ERASMUS-GATE… Mmmmmm, in my not-so-modest opinion, this POW-WOW smells just like THE ISRAEL FOLAU Saga Mark II…

Have you ever heard of the South African Ebb? (Erasmus-branded-boomerang)? This a very dangerous almost Delta Covid-19 type, a brand new version of vilification by ‘Social Media’, at its best.

First Water boy Erasmus fires it to the referee through his press conference, newspapers and… a 62 minute diatribe video where the authority and integrity of the Referee counted for ZILCHO!


Yes, Rassie you just went for the jugular, as you Saffas do. Not the ball but the man, the Ref. Righteous as you could be, only South Africans know rugby union and its Laws!! – The referee was first up appointed by and to represent Rugby Australia (Am still defending the referee, Not the organisation, got it?). What about his family and friends? Did you think about how his kids would take it? Their dad being unfairly literally pounded by a ‘gorilla’ like you?

Rassie, this is called Emotional Intelligence or lack thereof!

The Erasmus Boomerang” comes back at you like a speeding bullet, straight onto your throat! – MATE, this is your own doing, in soccer they call it ‘own goal’. Stop dragging all your Saffa Mates, and spending bucket-loads of money in your ‘defence’.

Buddy, fellow 2019 RWC Winner, I happen to remember, South Africa pulled the pin out of the 2020 The Championship competition? Due to some weak… something, I think it was fear of losing!!! – Matey, where is your bravery? Once and for all, Go, apologise profusely to all and sundry and…MOVE ON, DON’T YOU EVER-EVER-EVER DO IT AGAIN! – In this social media saga, you may or may not be ‘lucky’ to preserve your genitalia. I feel for your family and friends!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez (Wallaby Captain 1987)

ISSF – International Sports Sciences Forum [iss-forum.net] Advocating for Health and Wellbeing in Sports (Whether Players, Coaches, Referees or Administrators)

MHMP&S [Mental Health Management Plans & Strategies] MD, Wellbeing Leadership & Sport Pty. Ltd.

Scrum Machine (Circa 1977) Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina.

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