“A BIG POINT ABOUT FAIRNESS” (this quality used to be a great personal trait to be ‘fair’ no matter what position you held in the Rugby Supply Chain)

This time I will make it very short and simple so young players, senior players, Older Wallabies, commentators ‘get-it’.

  1. The referees are operating under instructions from their peers and the Board of World Rugby! Any other option will be plain ‘insanity’
  2. First true problem: The Law and it colloquial language are NON-SPECIFIC and INADEQUATE!
  3. In ‘my book’ written in 50 years, a TACKLE must be done: A) with two arms out first; B) tackler’s head is the second point of contact with the ball carrier; C) the shoulders may or may not make contact with the ball carrier; D) No Ball = NO tackle; E) a fair and legal TACKLE must be done ONLY under the arm pits, to the ankles high; F) any other actions (a la M. Koroibete and other hundreds of players globally is an ILLEGAL SHOULDER CHARGE.

Here comes the question of ‘fairness’ to Law & Sciences. The player who is suspected to be hurt, must be taken off for at least 7-10 days observation, whether or not, that is considered a Thespian act. We need to be respectful and thankful to the sciences! –

# Can you imagine the COVID-19 without vaccines?

# Can you imagine not having Ibupofren before and//or after a physical activity?

# Can you imagine your son experiencing DEMENTIA, DEPRESSION (Suicide in some common cases is round-the-corner)?

# What about you? Having dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s’ in your mid-fifties?

# How about being quadriplegic or hemiplegic (it comes with the territory becaise your next is next to your head, the spine gets compromised FIRST) from 30 something onwards? Do you have enough Superannuation?


Furthermore, a lot of women play rugby today, and most of them want to play men-like. What a great example for those prospective mums to follow. In tennis at Wimbledon women play best of three, why? Go you figure (BTW, it is not about the prize money…

Shall I continue? Fellow men and women, lovers of rugby or just weekend-voyeurs, we all must evolve with the times. Professional (paid) rugby has brought an intensity in preparation which defies The Laws, The Participants and The Sciences. In the last 26 years players have grown or ‘increased’ size, weight, speed, power close to 25%. Speed + Body Mass (from both sides, increase all risks of haematomas, broken bones (including the spine), etc.

Professional Sports by the hand of TV, social media, sponsors JVC partners, and spectators are using athletes NAPPY-LIKE. Use and when they ‘smelly’ or older discard it! – Is this fair to you?

Administrators have the Budgeted Projections on the likely ‘Revenue & Expenses’ (Profit & Loss). They most of the time get informed by fiancial controllers, insurance comanies and Lawyers about the court cases against them progressing and an estimate of legal costs and… COMOENSATION PAY OUTS. Ask Mr V’landys, Sir Beaumont, Mr Gilpin, and any lead of any sport?

Then, you may (if a bit of common sense prevails) understand it. And for the pundits, start being positive supporting of these preventative actions already instituted (and more to come). Having a microphone or a TV camera up your mouth doesn’t mean you have to throw grenades to all and sundry. Support The Game – The Show – The Business that pays you handsomely, even though you have no qualifications to talk about most of the subjects, you choose to talk about!

If you want me to do a longer dissertation, I could very easily start talking about ‘Life after TBI, “Presence or absence of TAU”, GLIA, ADN, COMORBIDITY, ASTROCYTES, MYELIN, or OLIGDENDROCYTES.

Thanks for reading this far and please promise you will revise your own “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, and entertainment expectations. We need to do a lot of work in AUDITING and MODERNISING rugby up to 2021-2031. This must be done in a harmonised scrum-like formation All pushing – None pulling!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Wallaby Captain 1987, Founder and Convener ISSF (, Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre Certificate on TBI (University of Tasmania (July 2021).

(And a very concerned ex-rugby international (1971-1992)

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