The WDREC (Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre), University of Tasmania. Understanding TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] Certificate, Diploma or Masters’ Degree are available to you also… !

A major milestone for me. I have attained the ‘Understanding TBI’ Certificate, on 16th July 2021 (see copy enclosed below). After two months full-on reading and researching this enormous subject around the sequels of concussion, sometimes on-set of dementia, followed by an incidence of chronic depression, which not uncommon these days in many sports, and not just contact sports alone. Any sport played on hard surfaces, and/or with a hard elements such as bat and ball it has inherent related risks of concussion. In some cases this degeneration process may lead to suicide. Furthermore this degenerative process, may or may not have started as an infant or toddler after a simple fall from a tree, a car accident, a fall from the pram, or running onto home furniture I have seen this, not pretty.

This certificate will be very useful to me as the kick off, the beginning of my journey into this fascinating area of neuropathology, neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, brain injury prevention and treatment, as well as several other quite interesting topics.

Understanding TBI

We are fully aware that this information and the relevant expertise are desperately needed by the sporting community, to make up to date well informed decisions in regards to ‘loved ones’ affected by this sinister illness. So much we know, and so much we need to learn. the secrets of the mind are a never ending labyrinth. Please remember that supporting the family and friends is just as vital to succeed in the management of those suffering from TBI.

There is plenty of room for collaboration and cooperation, a harmonised approach amongst stakeholders is a must in a variety of inter and intra-disciplinary initiatives. This is a quote partly borrowed from Ms Alexandra Veuthey, PhD in Law, [Libra Law] Lausanne Switzerland Alexandra Veuthey – Libra Law (

Anyhow, here I am to learn every day, every minute and every second. And to apply it through the ISSF ( for the improvement of humankind.

I look forward to my next course, and the next after that… I hereby invite you to visit the WDREC website and peruse through the many courses available, one of them might be you ‘perfect fit’? Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre | Study Now | UTAS

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Sydney 19/07/2021

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