“A real no-brainer”, the question nobody in Australian Rugby knows how to answer: WHEN IS RUGBY AUSTRALIA GOING TO SET UP A PROPER and PROFESSIONAL SCRUM ACADEMY (for eight forwards, not three!) Ohhh silly me, the answer is… NEVER, jaaa!


The Wallabies need a DECENT, COMPETITIVE and PROFESSIONAL SCRUM PREPARATION. AN academy will be a good start. I have asked the ARU back in 1996 to to do it, yep “No, we don’t need one” – Then in 2006 I did set up the ‘Australian Rugby Academy’ Guess what, yes you got it, no official support whatsoever. After 18 months of battling to get it up and running I had to desist and put it in the back burner (still boiling!) – Fine! here we go again only 26 years of professional rugby later, and? Noooo, we don’t need it.

Do you know what South Africa, New Zealand, England, France, Ireland, and Scotland think of the Aussie Scrum? What scrum? For Christ’s sakes, RESPECT STARTS UP FRONT, BEFORE THE BALL IS IN PLAY!

The majority of Australian rugby public, coaches, players and followers do not realise or understand (YET) the importance of a having a top competitive scrum of eight MATURE & TOUGH FORWARDS THAT CAN DELIVER FOR 100 MINUTES.

OK, ok, since last year we have a new very successful Kiwi coach (a toughie, no nonsense operator who will straighten everything up (mind you with a healthy and wealthy contract), similar to those players called ‘Wallabies’.

I invite you to go Google and look at the records and results, back in 1983 Ballymore Australia vs Argentina rugby test, (a complete scrummaging exhibition, but… not by the Wallabies!).

She’ll be right, hopefully next match we will score one ore try than them and win the series… Not even Alice in Wonderland think or operate that way. A bit like in politics, we get what we select! – Nonetheless, the Australian Bid for the 2027 RWC must go on, regardless of not having a penny in the kiddy. We continue building the house from the roof down to the foundations. Is that what they teach you in those International Business Schools, or the GPS’ brethren, or maybe the prestigious colleges from those traditional universities, Globally.




Sydney – 14/07/2021

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