Making Greater Western Sydney Rugby, even GREATER. The 2021-2031 Plan, is to ‘double’ the player base of NSW. – and RA 2027 RWC bid? Son, tell’em they’re dreamin…

Finally, we are getting much closer to take the proverbial “Bull by the horns”

NSW and The Wallabies will benefit GREATLY with a Holistic & Pluralistic Expansion Program which will bring TOGETHER (yet not scrambled) all the available clubs, schools and Universities geographically located at an approximately 250Km radius from the iconic Harbout Bridge.

Australia for far too long, in my not-so-modest opinion since 1995 (when bad professionalism was installed and instilled in the rugby community). The Pro-Rugby Experiment has failed, the community, grassroots, clubs etc. It only has benefitted a bunch of individuals (players, coaches referees, administrators, sponsors, specialised media, TV, streaming, etc.). Sadly the Gravy Train got ‘gravier’ and ‘greedier’ (apology for my lingusitic inventions).

We need to Go-Back-To-The-Future, re-assess and rescue what is good of 21st century rugby union; and absolutely discard/dump all those un-necessary ‘luggage-baggage’ we have been putting up with for the last 26 years (1995-2021).

The Australian States must wake up, do a stock take and once-and-for-all CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AND THEY WAY VOTING IS STRUCTURED. The Board of Directors do not represent the interest of the Shareholders (it is just that simple and commonsensical, yes I know not common at all), THE WHOLE OF THE AUSTRALIAN RUGBY COMMUNITY IS SUFFERING.

Not just the well-to-do suburbs, or the aristcratic GPS (Greater Public Schools = Not PUBLIC and NOT GREAT!) Expensive? Yes, very. What do the parents buy? Not the studies or knowledge, just THE OLD BOYS NETWORK. Then, life goes on, at the again aristocratic Universties and archaic Colleges (bullying, misbehaved students, etc.); then juggle la moolah, the connections and EUREKA STOCKADE (gone wrong), and finally a “right of passage’ for the annoited ones. Am I mad? Of course I am, because all my life I was taught, learnt well, applied and preached (The ART of Scrummaging, two thesis): MERITOCRACY, HONEST AND HARD WORK! – Otherwise I would not have been able to push the opposition back in many scrums for 21 years, and today am here alive and kicking, to tell you this story.

People, rugby community of Australia, it is about time we get together, raise, ask the hard questions, take this issue to Canberra Parliament House, and demand solutions not talk or smoke till the 2027 RWC. We need to fix the livelyhood of a lot of people today, next year and the year after. Australian rugby needs a different approach, we need more ADVOCACY:

A – Austerity

D – Discipline

V – Vision

O – Organisation (Professional and Proactive)

C – Commitment (TOTAL, or else!)

A – Ambition (Measured, Real, Quantifiable – KPI’s)

C – Consistency (Throughout The Ranks)

Y – YAKKA (Hard and Daily)

Mr Hamish McLennan (RA, Chairman) and Fellas/Sheilas of the Board of Directores, when you get this productivity formuka down pat, you may be able to see the TITANIC get out of the iceberg is today stuck in, then veer left, right and then hopefully forward for the next 10 years. Then, start thnking abut the bid for the 2031 RWC, (don’t order dessert before you order your entree).


Sydney – 24/06/2021

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