Plenty has been said about the pedestrian display of referees, coaches and players…


THE GAME – THE SHOW – THE BUSINESS, I metaphorically said this in my book The ART of Scrummaging, (self-published August 2012), “professional rugby has morphed into a monster with three heads, and all of need to be fed, equally”. It is a very good point,…for the backline to be evasive, not crashers! – However, the forwards have to first and foremost set up a solid platform for the backs to be able to ‘avoid’ or ‘evade’.

Without a solid platform up front, you have No team, No play and No win.The problem has been from the time the myopic and inept administrators decided that rugby had to be ‘perfect’ and ‘precise’, and added rules and Laws to CONTROL the forces of the scrums, the tactics, strategies, behaviours and even the ‘complexion of the game!!! (jaaa, trying to favour the attack? they killed its nature, spirit and soul, by MICROMANAGEMENT.

Referees, the Lawbook, TMO, Consultation with linesmen, and now Captain’s challenges are STOPPAGES that have stifled and stopped the entertainment and the show. A display of complete pedantry and constabulary attitude has marred the game of rugby morphing it into a pedestrian process, when in fact what is needed is quick OUTCOMES, even if surrounded by imprecisions or exacting moves.

Bring the RUCK back, the counter-attack and the surprise factor! – Players do not need to be coached or dictated tactics by half referees! By the way, it is not their fault but World Rugby (IRB since 1995) who uses them like pawns to ‘keep not the game but the business till ticking and in good working order.

JOINT VENTURE Capitalists, stick to the commodities, finance, industrial, agricultural pursuits. Leave sport to be a Humanistic Pursuit of excelence, and a way for healthier and fitter population. Provide health care as well, do not use athletes’ like nappies…

The referees’ function is to enable the game. They must always be RIGHT even when they may appear to be WRONG! – World Rugby must leave the Laws alone for truly professional Lawmakers, FULL STOP.

As for TV executives must not interfere with the Laws, playing times, etc. etc. No microphones up peoples’ orifices. Stop promoting voyeurism with the crowds. Show publicity and advertisements, but leave the game, and the players alone! –

For Christ’s sake help the referee by allowing ore ‘discretion’ (latitude, trust).Then we can talk and evaluate how are, The Game, The Show and The Business going ?????????????????????????????? (In that order!)



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