RUGBY UNION 2021 needs more than sensationalist headings or cheap commentary!

This comment from Andy ‘Badde’, is utterly amazing! – The fact that you not only would consider but also write:

“We don’t want to see coaches calling each other liars or the integrity of individuals or the sport being called into question but drama like that does get everyone talking and I don’t think it was a bad advert for rugby”

– Man, you and other scribes and TV presenters are way out of touch! ANDY Goode, rugby union 2021, needs a lot more than just bad cheap banter.

World Rugby has plenty of serious issues to deal with in regards to its integrity and soporiferous actions of their top management and countries delegates. You don’t believe me? OK, I’ll get Steve Thompson and his Class action Group to smarten you up a bit! – Misinformed rugby followers have no idea about the potential for billionaire claims in damages due to a negligible ‘Duty of Care’ – It doesn’t help to inflame the following public with such senseless comments like yours.

I can foresee, the 2023 RWC (if it goes ahead) will be a pivotal moment to straighten up the Laws & Rules of the game, adjusting for the mophological changes in the fitness components of the modern players. I dare say 40 years ago the average BACK weighted 80-85 Kgs training 3 times weekly, today that has gone to 100 Kg plus and training sometimes twice daily! FORWARDS? In 1980 an average prop would have weighed 100 Kg, today we see players at 125-130kg going full tilt towards a ‘target’ (at shoulder height, taking aim at head, neck and all). There is no attempt whatsoever of PRESERVING THE HEALTH OF THE OPPOSITION during skirmishes, it is a war of attrition where the referees eyes are constasntly tested by the reckless, the nasty, and the followers of Coaches’ instructions to the letter!

Wake up people! – Rugby Union is self-destroying itself! – Rugby as we know it, in 3-5 years time will only be played by over 21’s players, at elitist clubs. [Those that can sign off their life to sports] – Because schoolkids and underage players will be playiing a somewhat ‘modified’ game with a rugby ball, but no tackles, no lineout and no scrum! –

And… there is more, we are heading the USA NFL, the participation will be restricted to 1 mega club in one big city. What we see in the Sydney rugby Union (the supposed to be ‘caring parents’), 7 not-so-super clubs and 1 University are squeezing out another 3 clubs for the outer area. Soo EXCLUSIVISM and ELITISM is back in the menu of aristocratic Old Boys Sports. “for is a jolly good fella and so say the other GPS schools…

In one or two words, have been saying it for at least 6 years, “the Professional Rugby Union EXPERIMENT since 1995, has failed” – Rugby is going backwards at a rate of knots!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez (

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