Re PETER V’LANDYS vs NRL Players Association STOUSH about Catastrophic Injuries, concussion, dementia, chronic depression, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, No payouts, and… the collapse of Rugby league through player’s doctors bills and class-action comoensations!

ONCE UPON A TIME, a great smart rugby coach and friend of mine told me, that Sports is and OUGHT TO BE like a ‘tripod’ structure, where the three legs are:

a) The Administrations (first) Not dissimilar to the administrators/owners of a company that provides secure employment, trade, glory, etc.)

b) The Players (second) (Not different to the actors of a play at the theatre, if a show is not available, you just get another even better show!)

c) The Coaching Staff (third). Ditto, for all the employed HHRR.

By understanding a tiny little bit of physics and the gravity Law, “If one of the legs gets too close to the other” – What happens?

When you, the readers have an educated guess of what the results is likely to be?? So the players, unions, managers, agents, media, sponsors, Tv, etc. You have no relevant and trustworthy information to make NO DECISIONS with a longer term view! Or do you?

Neither of the above personnel is irreplaceable (nor the administrators, but…)

So fellow Unionists, watch very carefully where you step into because you could be the worst influence on the SPORT THAT YOU SUPPOSEDLY ‘LOVE’. And your livelihood is at risk. Go and consult with mums, dads, partners and nobody else!

PS: So you do not like your Skipper? Let me tell you, a boat without a properly trained and committed ‘skipper’ is… suicide on high seas!


Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Founder & General Convener – iss-forum.net

Sydney, 06/06/2021

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