FOLAU-PALMER INC. – “A PERFECT MATCH” (?)…/israel-folau-takes-out…

Is there such a thing as “A PERFECT MATCH” in the world of professional sports?

For two people from such diverse and different background? Maybe or maybe Not!- One digs for IRON ORE and GOLD, and the other continues digging his own grave seeking popularity? – And… this perfect match was not “made-in-heaven” but in the corridors of Law Firms and Law Courts.

Israel, as an ex-Wallaby Captain (1987) I can tell you from personal experience. Today, as the entire world knows, I object and criticise the aristocratic stance and not-doings of Rugby Administrators from Dublin, to Sydney, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, etc. Yet, I love the game that gave me the opportunity to represent THREE countries, with equal passion!I met thousands of people in 50 years of rugby, made dozens of top good friends, and the other benefits that money cannot buy.

For amoent, just one mmite, remember, since 1984 The Grand Slam and 1986 Bledisloe Cup Winning (non-paid) Wallabies, paved the way for your ‘fame’. I neither defend you nor Raelene Castle, neither Cameron Clyne nor the RA Board at the time. (and the dedicated people members of the RWC teams of 1991 and 1999)

In my not-so-modest opinion, the three of you were completely ill-advised or… probably not advised at all. A word of advice from an almost 69 years old gizzer (who still packs a good SCRUM): Matey, change your Legal Advisers NOW/TODAY. Neither the Good Bible nor the word of God is about “greed”, “arrogance”, “petulance”, or behaviours associated with an incessant and unhumble search for monetary compensation.

Furthermore, in Australia alone (one of the most blessed countries) we have thousands of homeless people (man and women, who barely go to sleep… wondering what they might eat tomorrow? Mr Folau, please, visit and talk with Father Bill Crews for an attitude adjustment and BTW, do some charity work outside your Father’s Church!

The Wayside Chappel at Kings Cross, Sydney may be a good place to start, empty your soul from hatred. Be repentant, forgiving and try to live a more normal average Citizen live off the spotlight, like millions of Australians!!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez (Looking after athlete’s Health & Wellbeing)

Sydney 04.06.2021

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