IS RUGBY AUSTRALIA FOLLOWING… A WELL-DEFINED ARISTOCRATIC UPBRINGING through The Rugby School (Rugby, UK), Eton College, the GPS’ Scools,. Sydney University, Queensand University, etc. etc. (140 years ago)?

How about the lessons of IVAN PETROVICH PAVLOV (The father of the scientific bases for the “Conditioned Reflexes” training system? – Today, this is far from a secret weapon, it is more a global knowledge in the circles pursuing excellence and Gold medsl performances.

PERFECT REPETITION is the foundation of sound skills and body movement. However, this also requires a great degree of ‘readiness’ and ‘willingness’ to learn. Why sports administrators and coaches, do not learn? – Worst of all is they do spend obscene amounts of money which is Not theirs!!

Additional questions for those interested in reflecting about… Why is it so? In rugby union.

a) What if my ‘speculations’ are true?
b) Would you continue denying it?
c) Or getting upset?
d) Angry with the messenger’?
e) Why repeating ad-nauseum WHAT clearly doesn’t work?
f) What is the WHAT?

Ok, now go ask the boffins and the truly wise rugby people, In the cut-throat corporate world, you will have Buckley’s chance to survive. The shares will plummet, and the shareholders will cut your everything in bits and pieces! – The 2nd spot in the 2015 RWC was a fluke! – Scotland was more deserving than Australia to have played the final.

So, again Why is it so?
Who are the Two Elephants in Moore Park? (Hint, one is grey and the other one large and white).

Reposted – 31/05/2021

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