CONCUSSION-DEMENTIA-DEPRESSION-SUICIDE = We as an educated and well-adjusted must listen and take heed of the scientific, empirical and experiential knowledge and ‘voices’, sooner rather than later…

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We as a well-advanced 2021 society (No matter how much technology we boast to have, will continue self-destroying our sources of entertainment and pleasures – WE MUST TAKE HEED OF SCIENCES, EXPERIENCE, AND EMPIRIC RESULTS! Prevention is much better than cure and smarter than apathy and in-action!! – Let’s stop hiding these issues of Athlleters’ Health & Wellbeing under the administration, financial and media carpet!

Media Release 18 May 2021


The International Sports Sciences Forum (ISSF, today called for the strong
enforcement of the crackdown on high tackles – neck and head contact – in Rugby League,
Rugby Union and Australian Football.

Forum Founder and General Convener, Enrique TOPO Rodriguez, a former international
Rugby Union player who represented his native Argentina, South America, Tahiti, and
subsequently in 1984 when he arrived in Sydney was selected and invited to play for
Australia, said it was medically proven that ‘there is no such thing as a safe, violent blow to
the head’.

“The ISSF fully endorses the ‘crackdown’ on high tackles by NRL referees over the
weekend,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

“I appeal to the common sense of the whole of the sporting public, coaches, administrators,
sponsors, players and particularly to the media (TV, Radio and Print) who make their
everyday living out of this ‘sport-show-business’ to stop criticizing the NRL Commission’s
crackdown simply because you are not the ones buying or going to finance the health &
wellbeing of athletes.”

The ISSF last month called for a radical overhaul of the current concussion rules and
regulations of contact sport for the long-term health of players, both men and women, the
game and society.

“Undue violence in sport requires urgently a ‘harmonised approach’ as a way-out of this
worldwide multi-sport crises,” said Mr. Rodriguez. (Ref. Alexandra Veuthey, Libra Law,
Lausanne, Switzerland).

“We are at the cross-roads on the issue. Most sporting codes have concussion policies, but
these are dealing with the issue at the wrong end of the health spectrum. Policies need to
be in place to prevent the concussion (from juniors up) not just treat it after it has

Mr. Rodriguez said all research was now showing the long-term negative effect of high
tackles on players in contact sport.

He endorsed the call by Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman Peter V’landys for
the NRL to eliminate any contact above the shoulders.

“The Commission made a clear decision this season to remove high tackles from the game
and this brings them into line with the AFL and Rugby Union,” said Mr. Rodriguez.
“However, all three codes need to get ‘on side’ with medical science and the health and
welfare of the players. Commentators and fans need to support the Commission and ‘do the
right thing’ by players and their families.

“Super coach Wayne Bennett is totally correct in highlighting that the NRL will face legal
ramifications if it does not enforce the new rules.

“If you do not support the work of medical professionals and allow for evidence-based
research to take precedence, you will be sentencing your sport to become a purely adults
only activity for self-consenting people who should be held fully (100 per cent) responsible
for the consequences of this type of entertainment.”

The ISSF has more than 120 leading doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists, businesspeople,
politicians and players from over 16 countries and five (5) continents behind their ‘call’ to
government and sports administrators to “rewrite” the playing rules on high tackles, and
other ‘unsafe practices’. It also wants the prevention of all ‘preventable’ injuries, and/or
illnesses occurring while athletes are practising and preparing for games – whether the
athlete is paid or non-paid.

Mr. Enrique TOPO Rodriguez, Founder and General Convener ISSF M: +61412 403304

The ISSF was formed in 2020 with the over-arching vision to protect the health and well-being of human resources in all sports. Its three Key objectives are to: • Improve sporting business efficiency, management practices, education, awareness, and injury prevention to enhance athlete performance and wellbeing. • Help, assist, or contribute to all sports stakeholders, providing the highest, and most up- to date scientific research findings, guidelines, policies, preparation activities and prevention programs. • Generate the world’s best-scientific practices for the proactive improvement of the Business of Sports (BOS) and the athletes’ (present and future).
The ISSF’s global network is investigating the unchained effects of concussion, chronic depression and dementia on sportspersons. This includes neurologists, psychiatrists, universities, research professionals, colleges, and clubs.


• (ISSF) Sydney Glia Diagnostics, Mr Edmond Sorich, Biochemist, Genome Biomarkers
• (ISSF) Sydney University Women’s Soccer (Concussion Research Study) – Ass. Prof Rhonda Orr
• (ISSF) Argentina – Univ. of La Plata, Dr Alfredo Hernandez, Mr Juan Casajus; Dr Jorge A. Castilla
• (ISSF) Neurosciences, Psychology, and Rehabilitation: Mr F. Arnut Echave;
• (ISSF) Sports Med & Psych. Centre, Bs. As. Ms Julia Alvarez Iguna, Dr Juan Di Leo Razuk
• (ISSF) Los Angeles – Integrated Athletics, Mr M. Narducci, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics
Others in the field are:
• USA, Boston – Concussion Legacy Foundation, Pres. Peter Carfagna, CEO Dr C. Nowicki PhD
• NZ Rugby Union – Professor Ken Quarry PhD
• South Africa – Rugby Scientists Dr Sharif Hendricks, Natalie Erskine, Wayne Lombards
• Australia Melbourne: La Trobe University, Professor Alan Pearce; Sydney: RPA Hospital – Prof M. Buckland, Assoc Prof A. Affleck; Newcastle: John Hunter Hosp, Prof C. Levi, Ass Prof A. Garland, Ass. Prof Suzi Edwards
Macquarie University: Health & Concussion Clinic, Dr Rowena Mobbs and Team.

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