THE IOC (INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE) AND THE joc (JAPANESE OLYMPIC COMMITTES) – Not a good example for the global community in addressing COVID-19 prevention scientific requirements and a bit of common sense!

WHETHER OLYMPIC SPORTS, RUGBY UNION OR CURLING, none of them or us are exempt from the risks of COVID-19 (let’s tackle this issue head-on, we are talking about horrible deths here. Millions of people infected and a substantial number who do not survive?

Have heard many years ago that the ‘Olympic Games’ has a world record on (condoms vending machines) a bit of ‘promiscuity’ or ‘casual-free-sex’. Of course those athletes are not the clergy which are supposed to…(say no more!) Let’s get it straight as we must, personally have no qualms whatsoever about international sexual prowesses, world records exchange or any other extra-curricular activity in your own leisure time. In fact the ‘sexual release maight be good for the overall performance of this Super-People Clan-Club. Should you wish to question the validity of myassertions? Please keep in mind that I have met at least 100 Olympians in my 50 years with rugby union, and I talk, ask questions and also listen (hard jb for a prop).

I would like to put this subject out in the open, would love to hear quakified and unqualified opinions and comments about the Japanese ‘wisdom’ or lack thereof, where is the respect to Humanity and global communal spirit? A few questions come to mind…

1) International travelling by plane or ship (the worst contagion greenfield ever), Do you remember the ‘Ruby Princess’ docked at Circular Quay? (JOHN COATES, you have lived in Sydney all your life!!!???

2) Body fluids exchange? Not very good odds with COVID-19 times?

3) Incite crowds to defy logic and worldwide regulations

4) Are the IOC a Law onto themselves?

5) Why 99% of the world has to Iive one way, and obey the Laws of today, and the other elite 0.01% be allowed to defy current safety policies and logics ??

WAKE UP, IOC FELLAS-DO-GOODERS! and toe-the-line of scientific common sense survival together with the global communities! –

History talks vocally and eloquently, through the centuries JAPAN and its politicians act and live as if NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD FOR THE LAST 15 MONTHS? (BTW, Australian Sports are pretty similar, or same!

Or, should I remind you of the selfish behaviours, the outcry provoked by your self-centred chase of TUNA globally, with you tactics of drift-net-fishing in other countries waters? [Why don’t you stick to your own watrs? Or the horrific scenes of ripping whales’ off the oceans? An ongoing carnage?

Also thrugh the years you have shown the world a fair share of government corruption! Want more, in regards to Work and Mental health management, whrn Japan’s unemployment goes up, so does suicide!

Funny-mob you are,… the way you use the meaning of ‘RESPECT’ and ‘HONOUR’. It seems to me you are very good at that amongst yourselves ‘collectivelly’ and in Japanese territories! But do not forgive or accept individuals’ failures? – What about the struggling world? Should we wait until you get your act togeter, and you decide to give us a bit of attention in yur parliament? – Do you call that ‘democracy’? Mmmmm, Nop, not good JOC, your record as a racist ‘race’ speak for itself.

TOPO is an Argentine born Australian free-lance writer, non-politically aligned. His views are expressed ‘straight from the horses mouth!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez – (Philanthropist, Impresario, Scrum-Muster)

Rugby Union International Player (1971-1992) Argentina | South America | Tahiti | Australia. Captain of Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (1976-1977) | Cordoba Province Captain | Wallaby Captain 1987 | Barbarian F.C. Captain 1991 | Zebre XV (Italian Baabas Captain)

Current Philanthropic Activites and Corporate Involvements

# Founder & General Convener, ISSF (International Sports Sciences Forum) # Executive Chairman of: Wellbeing, Leadership & Sport Pty Ltd | The ERC Group | #| ALF (Alas Latinas Forum | GAA (Global Arts Alliance) # AABC (Australian-Argentine Business Council)

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