CONCUSSION, DEMENTIA, DEPRESSION, and SUICIDE (In-the-making-chain of incidents) – ‘Injury Prevention’ ‘Health Preservation’ and Business Management = A reality which needs our full attention today in 2021.

“THE CONCUSSION-DEMENTIA-DEPRESSION-SUICIDE-SHOW” – is a closed academic shop indeed! – The Symptoms of this endemic-pandemic are many and have existed for many years. Academia (at all levels and ages, through centuries) in the history of organised and ‘structured’ Education, where the ‘Oldies’ tell the ‘Youngies’ HOW IT MUST BE DONE??Human greed and jealousies have no barrier, these shortcomings from scientists almost a feudal feud! become ‘wars of attrition. The fight for medals, shingles and accolades is thorough and furious, it has no limits. You go as a ‘no-one’ and invade Dr’s or Professors or Master’s sacrosanct patch(?) Jaaaa, you’d do it at your own peril.

Do you think I’ve been dreaming or drinking? Got news and history for you. Since 1971 when I started Psychology and Rugby almost simultaneously (19 years of age (yep today 68-non-out), I commenced brushing and bumping onto some notable ACADEMICS of notoriety. From philosophy to physiology, to Neurology, and spinal specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists, very special rugby coaches!! and of recent, immunologists, biochemists, genetic biomarkers specialists, just remember in 1975 married a ‘pathologist’ (the mother of Victoria (Vic, 45 yo) and Ignacio (Iggy, 40 yo). Therefore, I’m talking with a bit of proprietary here due to my networked last 50 years ‘bullfighting’ academics, and rugby administrators, and ambitious coaches, and greedy businessmen so I can confidently assure you, the same attention-seeking traits, insecurities and bravado of an elite athlete, or politicians it replicates and reflexes exactly in the behaviour and beliefs of those people just mentioned before! – May even be radio broadcasters and TV interviewers and Newsreaders.

WHY IS IT SO? (thanks to Professor Julius SM (TV Fame), for that glass and 1/2). One of the greatest questions to ‘hopefully’ lead you to the truth and the inconvenient truth also!NOW, let’s add the arithmetic, the Dollars and Euros signs to this rich cake, put it in the ‘machinations’ oven, define the ‘needs’ of the world (Big Pharma comes to play, invited to have a word, and a dollar). And the plot gets thicker! At this point, I will give you space and time to exercise your imagination, make some consultations with a friend, a foe or neighbours (?) – Go to bed and…DREAM BIG! – See you tomorrow, and by the way please tell me about your dreams, hallucinations and horror nightmares and sleepwalks…

Any amount of zeros you may put to it will do, in the final sum of this GAME-SHOW-BUSINESS, is and will be totally believable. What I badly struggle with is we have catastrophic consequences here. Whether suicide in a Mental Health Institution, a well planned ‘accident’, sad retirement with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, whilst the ‘Booty’ goes to Mecca, Paris or New York? It is hard to justify and stomach. We are talking about well educated and well adjusted (supposedly) professionals, heads of families, yet the level of corruption, disloyalty, criminality, avarice and self-centredness you find in society,

BUT in sports more so fuelled by the megabuck business driven by MEDIA, TV, STREAMING and greedy sponsors is beyond belief and comprehension!

If you happen not to like ‘my Stream of Consciousness style, am terribly sorry, Rugby Union at the elite level for 21 years playing and another 29 years in other capacities ‘trained’ me to be this way. I can assure you, here with me, No double standards, No bull-crap. These personal traits of mine have been my ‘life and safety jacket’ for many years (Neck, Back, Mind, Relative sanity?). Rest assured, we all pay a or the ultimate ‘toll’ in life, some pay it before they hit the highway, others afterwards and others… while on it and at it! – Sometimes ‘toll’ is paid by other significant ones. Sadly, we have no choice on this ‘option’!

Those that really know me will tell you, I’ll tell it as I see it. Only have one story because it is much easier to remember it than other ‘cloning’ of the truthful accounts. Nonetheless, should my ‘style’ adversely affect you? MY SINCERE APOLOGY, am terribly sorry, I didn’t know that the truth hurts so much…!

NOTE: My call to order and reason first, followed by action later is…

We need as a well-adjusted thinking society, to bring on to the table seven (7) very important aspects of life, as follows,…

1. History (The priceless experiential knowledge)

2. Honesty (Positive attitude and true intentions)

3. The Sciences (Evidence-based-approach and academic rigour)

4. THE MERCHANTS who will benefit in any way (Executives, Players, Coaches, Insurance, TV, streaming, and Media)

5. The Law Makers and Law Keepers

6. The Community that consumes, supports and/or ‘vetoes’ the sports disciplines and the athletes, with their money (whether a ticket holder or a TV viewer)

7. The True EXPERTS in Injury Prevention, Health & Wellbeing Preservation Experts, and WEALTH Management.

Ms Alexandra Veuthey, (one of our Inaugural ISSF Webinar, themed HEALTH & WEALTH in Sports (27/01/2021), a young Lawyer (Libra Law), Lausanne, Switzerland has succintly called for sometime now, for a NEW APPROACH to the scourge of Concussion-Dementia in Sports:


Please visit and support us in,

Enrique Topo Rodriguez

Philanthropist | Impressario | ScrumMuster

Triple Rugby Union International (1971-1992)

Multi-Award Winner Author, The ART of Scrummaging I, II and III, (2011, 2012 & 2015)

Wallaby Captain + Argentine Provinces Captain

Founder & General Convener, ISSF (

Executive Chairman,

Wellbeing, Leadership & SportsThe ERC Group | ARSA Worldwide |

Sydney 07.05.2021.

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