Rugby Union’s Longevity? – Do I have any bets?

It is absolutely amazing how these super clever professionals are so good at running their own business and/or professions. Yet, comes to the administration of sports and?

The ability to protect their capitals, earnings, etc. etc (Private Property) goes out the window. This is what I called (me no Robinson Crusoe or Shackelton either) nothing new here, Utter irresponsibiity and failure to comply with universal practices. E.g. Duty of Care, Professional Ethics, Values & Spirit lear on the rugby field, any French fries with that? – Shame on you Aristcratic self-serving lot…

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Triple Rugby Union International (Dead or Alive) 1971-1992

Executive Chairman | Wellbeing-Leadership & Sports Pty Ltd

Founder & General Convener,


Sydney – 03/05/2021.

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